Last night we all get a shocking news of Ali Noor’s illness and that he is in  critical condition, actually there are tweets circulating on Twitter asking for Blood donotions and that he might be taken for Liver transplantation, this news has made us really worried for him. Well Ali Noor’s brother Ali Hamza wrote on Facebook that Ali Noor quite ill due to the high intensity of the Hepatitis A he caught, Ali Hamza did say that there might be a possibility of liver damage, he wrote “Guys!! No need to panic as yet. Inshallah Ali Noor will be back on his feet very soon! He has suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is a possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business. As for needing a liver donor, the doctors are saying that we do need to have people on standby, but they can only be family members – our local law does not allow outside of family donors. But more than anything, most probably, Inshallah we won’t have to go that route. We are already seeing improvement in Ali Noor’s condition. What we need are prayers from everyone that Ali Noor recovers in full form”.