Khoobsurat was released in 2014 in which Fawad Khan was the main lead and it is the film where Fawad Khan became a star in Bollywood winning millions of hearts there. In his talks with India Today Anil  Kapoor shares how he  cast Fawad Khan in that flick. “Nobody was ready to do it. All the leading men had refused to do the film. We still kept looking for an apt actor and Rhea (Kapoor) told me about Fawad Khan and showed me some of his work,” Of course Fawad had some amazing and impressive work n his credits including his film Khuda Kay Liye, Dastaan, Humsafar , Zindagi Gulzar Hai  which is enough to impress Anil Kapoor. Fawad Khan as the prince Yuvraj Singh in Khoobsurat has made a huge fan following in India as well.