The top trending drama serial Balaa finally gets to an end and what a satisfying it is to see that ruthless and vile Nigaar paying for her own sins. Yes Taimur is resolute that he will take revenge from Nigaar but in Nigaar’s style. The play is brilliantly written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and well directed by Badar Mehmood as we have seen  best of the best performances by Bilal Abbas, Ushna Shah and Sajjid Hassan.

Taimur is taking revenge by using the same tactics Nigaar used to take i.e deceit and lie. He marries Saba and with the help of a maid he discloses the news to Nigaar and take advantage of Nigaar’s anger he is successful in proving Zafar that Nigaar has lost his senses and that is need medical help. With the help of Saba and maids Taimur is successful in convincing Zafar that Nigaar is thinking extremely negative about him and that he is going for her treatment. Furthermore Doctor gives him more heavy doses of strong medicines which has actually weakened her.

Nigaar is chained by Taimur and it is one of the most intense scene where Taimur is trying to make her recognize her own child but she has lost her partial memory, but she still remember Taimur and that she loves him and she is still possessive about him! She actually started hallucinating as she says that she can see  Chachi Jaan and Batool standing! Taimur tells him that he loves Saba which disturbs her a lot and then he asks her to cut her the way she cut his mother’s hair, Nigaar does as she is asks but Taimur’s reply is ” Aaik baat bataon zehar lag rahi ho” He finally admits her to mental hospital as Zafar has also advised so.


Taimur after taking perfect revenge from Nigaar then goes to Zafar’s house and tells that crying man that he is the reason for the disaster and he always back Nigaar in all her wrong doing. He finally discloses to him that he actually married Saba and that all his property and money including the house he is living is now his own property as Nigaar has signed the papers way before! Zafar is super shocked and helpless he begs for forgiveness but Taimur gives  him only 30 minutes to leabe the place as he has come with his legal team to capture the house. The ending scenes were tpuching too particularly when Zafar visits Junaid and tells him about what Taimur did to him, Junaid ‘s reply was the wisest one he said taht he should fear God and his accountability to Allah as all his property cannot bring Taimur’s mother and sisters back and also he reminds him that it is not always that they come across kin less girl like Zeba there are people who have kins like Taimur who knows how to take their revenge! Poetic justice is well served!