Everyone’s favorite the classy drama serial Dil Mom Ka Diya ended yesterday and it was a kind of a ending we all were expecting, very heart touching and sad. Well the ending is a blend of melancholy and happiness.  Union and separation both were shown in the play,  yes  finally Azhar and Tamkinat unites after four years. Poetic Justice is well served!

Azhar and Tamkinat after a series of long emotional scenes ended up in a happy union. Tamkinat takes  a lot of time to accept Azhar back as Azhar has abandoned her completely for four long years leaving her young wife all alone in this vulnerable society. Tamiknat’s reaction is justified and the scenes where they were patching up seems so heart touching and sweet. Finally Tamkinat agrees to go with Azhar and forgives him. Azhar’s family Akmal, Salma and Afzal too whole heartily accepts him.

Ulfat on the other hand is shown as a round character whose whole personality is transformed from a carefree stubborn girl to a helpless yet faithful woman who is standing firm by her ailing husband’s side. She even goes to Afzal’s office to beg for his husband’s cancer treatment. She is being severely punished for her sins but it seems like Ulfat has found solace in her sufferings  as if she has accepted them as her fate and as something she truly deserves.

Well on the other hand Afzal the gem of a person he is, he despite of what bad Ulfat has committed to him and his family, not only forgives her whole heartily but also aids her husband’s cancer treatement. The drama teaches us our religious and ethical values of forgiving and kindness. Akmal is finally in a position to forgive Ulfat as he sees her in a shambles and realizes that Nature has its own ways of punishing. Well it is a really sad ending on Afzal’s part, he still loves Ulfat, he fails to hate her. Despite what all good he has done to her, he gets nothing but sadness in return. Well true love is like wishing well for your beloved no matter what happens.