Dulhan the drama serial airing at HUM TV is getting more and more dragged and it would not be wrong to say that the play has lost its interest and no m0re gripper is resulting in decline in its YouTube reviews and ratings as well. Though makers are trying their best to create so called drastic turns and twists in the story but as whole the plot seems lost. This episode begins when  that girl who is annoying friend of Mikaal confesses that she is lying about Mikaal just to tease his fiance but later she also stuns everyone with a revelation that there is no love and understanding between this couple as Mikaal has told her this. Mikaal do not corrects her.

Amal’s whining and helplessness is so much dragged that it is literally annoying the audience, she is stuck in the same situation from these last four episode where  Shahmeer is haunting her all the time at her workplace and every where and she seems  fail to protect herself.  Shahmeer is not coming slow, he has his eyes set on her and he is ready to trap her where ever he gets the chance.

Mikaal on the other hand is a changed person out of no where he gets change of heart and his feelings starts developing for Amal but he has not yet done anything to redeem himself from what he has done. Thankfully Amal is not yet fallen for him, she is hating him to core. However the scene where Amal goes at Mikaal’s mother house is quite disturbing where it seems that makers are attempting to romanticize Amal and Mikaal’s relationship and trying to glorify Mikaal. One of the disturbing line is “Kya hwa tum say jhooti Shadi jo ki hay Muhabbat tu sachi ki hay” its so disturbing, disgusting and absurd.  Is marrying someone for a bet is just a trivial thing?

Mikaal is behaving like an absolute idiot, he is telling his mother that he will going to marry his fiance but on the other hand he is falling in love with Amal. Mikaal’s over possessive fiance seems another troubled character she warns Mikaal that she cannot bear anyone between them and if she finds that  he is involved in someone else she will going to kill that girl. Then there is an other stupid character of Amal’s sister who is almost ready to elope with a loafer. The play seems tedious and the plot and characters are not making any sense as well.