Dulhan the drama serial airing at HUM TV is down with 11 episodes, but finally in this episode we see a glimpse of courage in Amal’s behavior. It seems that she is getting stronger. One wonders why she has not been like that from Day one. However disappointing part is when Amal confesses to her friend that all her feelings of hatred and love is attached with Mikaal, well she should not forget that he is the one who deceived her, marries her and on her wedding night presented her to his cousin who was ready to rape her. Her father died because of him.

Mikaal on the other hand is the most confused idiot on earth, he knows that he is still being married with Amal and despite being madly in love with her, he is doing nothing to bring her out of her misery. Nor he is trying to win her back in fact he is doing all the stunt of getting on her knees and proposing his cousin. He knows that he does not love her but still he is marrying her, he is repeating the same mistake he has committed before with Amal. He has not changed.

Mikaal’s fiance Ainee on the other hand is extremely possessive who clearly tells Mikaal that she cannot even imagine to like any other girl otherwise she will going to kill that girl. She is all set to marry him. Whereas Shameer is still after Amal, coming on her way. Well one wonders why he is just harassing her, why he is not taking any bigger step he must know about her whereabouts and that she lives with her mother and younger siblings. Taking in consideration of his past conduct he can go to any extend to satisfy his lusty desires for Amal then why he is just teasing her like a loser?

Amal for the very first time scolds Shameer and clearly tells him not to dare to touch her otherwise she is going to kill him. She seems getting stronger and it seems like she has eventually gathered some courage to face Shameer and looking at him eye to eye she clearly warns him not to dare to mess with her again. Well it seems that Shameer has been shocked to see this side of Amal. Another track of the story is Amal’s sister tries to elope but when she sees that her lover has brought his friend along with him, she decides to go back. When she goes back Amal and her mother is there and despite of her covering her conduct with a lie, they know her reality. Amal tells her friend to look for a suitable proposal for her.