One of the much hyped drama serial airing at ARY Digital airs its first episode last week. Being a project which has Noman Ijaz and Bilal Abbas in its cast has already risen our level of expectations high and the first episode has been very strong. It revolves around the Me too movement now we cannot make out that is the play about wrong accusation of harassment or is it based on a real issue, Noman Ijaz plays the role of a professor in the University who is being accused for harassing her student.

The victim of harassment is played by Sana Javed and this seems to be her third project where she plays a role of a victim so she is being type cast. Bilal Abbas plays the role of Amal’s fiance and he also studies in the same University. He is standing up for her cousin and he with the help of his other classmates and friends is raising voice for Amal’s justice. They are boycotting the classes and demanding to suspend the professor or hold an inquiry against him. Well the question is that whether she is really being harassed or not? One of Professor’s colleague thinks that he cannot attempt such action.

Well there is shown that Amal is completely traumatized and she is getting flash backs of the scenes where she is being harassed by her teacher and she is still terrified. Whereas we also seems to see flashbacks from the Professor’s side too where he recalls that he comes to his office and his dubious peon who seems to be his partner in crime informs him about her arrival. There is a sinister smile on Professor’s face and his expressions changes when he hears the name of Amal. However he do not see anything which reminds him of harassment and he is continuously denying all the allegations.

We are shown that how main stream media and social media gets involve in such issues and makes things even more ugly. We have also seen the traumas through which the victim goes through. We have also been introduced to Professor’s family he has a little daughter and a loving wife. Professor’s family is not yet aware of the situation. Principle of the University requests Professor to leave as he is been suspended for inquiry, she also offered him to apologize which can resolve the matter but professor refuses to apologize as he is insisting that he has done nothing. Dunk is a gripping thriller which leaves you anticipated to know more.