Dunk airing at ARY Digital is 5 episodes down, the story is still quite intriguing. In the previous episodes we have seen Professor and Amal’s side of story. In this episode we get know about Haider’s villainous acts. Haider seems extremely manipulative and malicious. It is shown that Committee takes serious notice of Haider sending inappropriate video to Mrs Anjum. Principal calls Haider’s father at her office and she tells him what his son has done. Haider’s father is embarrased on his son’s act and he snubs him badly for committing such shameful act. Haider really gets disturbed by this. He is not expecting this at all.

Principal tells Haider that now since his act is linked directly with the case, he will also going to be called for inquiry. Furthermore the principal tells Haider to apologize Mr Anjum otherwise he will be expelled. It is shown that his apology has been accepted by Mrs Anjum. When Mrs Anjum tells Professor Hummayun about her accepting Haider’s apology, Professor’s wife loses her cool and she is right in her argument that if she has to accept his apology then why she has not done that at first place why she has dragged her husband into this matter? making their lives hell. Professor’s daughter and wife are the ones who are badly affected by this accusation. They are the ones who gets shamed everywhere.

Moreover some students starts questioning Haider’s act and his involvement in the matter, some are of the view that this whole issue is orchestrated by none other than Haider and also that Professor Humayyun is innocent. This made Haider extremely mad, he is mad so much so that he barge into the house of Professor knocking him down accusing him for manipulating students according to his favor. He is being so violent and abusive that he even scared the hell out of poor little daughter of Professor. Well one wonders why Professor or his wife has not called Police barging into a house and getting physical is a criminal offense. He must be reported.

It is seems that Professor Hummayun is under lot of stress. His daughter is too badly affected and she is extremely disturbed and now after Haider’s invasion in their house she is colossally terrified. It seems that Professor’s wife level of patience has reached its equilibrium and she cannot bear her daughter’s misery anymore. Will Professor Hummayun be able to stand this pressure?