Well it all started when  the veteran actor Firdous  Jamal  made a rather rude and inappropriate comments about Mahira Khan, he should not have but it was his personal opinion. The public and celebrities reaction on it is making things even worse . We should have realize the fact that Firdous Jamal is a Legend and he has given his life to the industry and is indeed finest actor. Well things gets even worse when CEO of  MD productions  steps in support of Mahira Khan by cancelling Firdous Jamal from all of her projects now this is too Momina has gone way too much in support of Mahira that she is disrespecting the Legend his work just because he expresses his own opinion about the actress! ? This is how we should treat our senior actors our legends! ??

Well Feroze Khan has had enough of Momina Duraid, he made a witty remarks  but made his point clear, “my question … is this what freedom of speech gets you ?! Getting someone’s bread and butter canceled?? If it does … then I want every single bastard out there bashing any human being on the internet get canceled the same way !! Coz you can’t! ”