Well this is not what we are expecting from one of the veteran writers of our industries, Khalil ul Rehman Qamar has come up with a statement which nonsensical, inappropriate and very insensitive. Talking about his latest drama Mere Paas Tum ho he says, “It is a story of several men, not just one. I have come across multiple married couples who go through the same ordeal. I’ve observed when a married woman cheats, she doesn’t feel ashamed at all. The reason behind her not feeling guilty is because she has been backed by another man. When an unmarried woman cheats, she feels guilty.” He further added referring to Me too movement, “A few weeks ago, a feminist group had a conversation with me regarding equality. I asked them if they’ve ever heard about a gang of men kidnapping a woman? They assured me they have. I asked them then why don’t women do the same?” the host giggled, “If you wish to strive for equality then kidnap men as well. Rob a bus, gang rape a man, so that I can understand what you [women] mean by equality.”  he further added, “The most one of these feminist groups can do is chant slogans against me, tweet a few thousand tweets but that’s it! Women can’t do anything else.” Well this is very insesitive and inappropriate thing to say ! Seriously Khalil Sahab? Is this even makes any sense ?