The kind of commerical theatre Dawar Mehmood is back with another enrapturing theatre drama Hua Kuch Yun which happens to be alluring love story. The exciting part is that this play is penned by the veteran actor Sajid Hasan. The play is set in the pre and post partition era of the Subcontinent. The story begins from 1917 till 2003, spanning over time period of 80 years. The play consists of 35 actors well that quite a power packed cast. Fareeha Raza, Saad Farukkh Khan, Hasan Raza and Taha Hummayun will perform the major roles.

Sajid Hassan reveals about the play that “This play deals with surrealism; it not only caters to the love angle within it but focuses on many other chief issues.”. When asked will he be part of the play he replied,  “No, I am not acting in the play at all. I have only written the script, which is mine and have stayed true to Dawar’s theme”

Dawar who  needs no introduction and  he is the one who have restored the people faith in this genre of art  and has rekindled the magic of theatre. He got many successful plays on his credit. He shared his views about the play “The play is entirely different from my previous plays. I will be directing a love story for the very first time.I can’t reveal much about the plot at this time but I can assure you this is going to be an unpredictable play; very diverse from all others I’ve ever directed.”.

Well all this making us very anxious to watch this enthralling play.