Mehwish Hayat the actress who have stunned us with her amazing performance in Billi ( Na Maloom Afraad) and  films like Punjab Nahi Jaongi and Load Wedding, is nowadays making us proud by speaking up for Peace on International channel representing a soft and positive image of Pakistan. The actress was awarded with Sitara e Imtiaz  and now people are happy that she truly deserve this national allocate as she is making the Nation Proud with her positive representation on International forums when other top actresses chose to stay silent or the actress across the borders are hailing war and genocide in Kashmir through their tweets or statements. Mehwish is  an Ambassador of Penny Appeal, a charity with which she wants to rebuild 5 schools in Sukkur Sindh for over 900 children. Mehwish tells BBC ” This is an amazing charity organisation that’s working in over 30 countries and I’m very happy to be on board with them and I want to work for education as the condition in which they are getting their education is really a heart-wrenching one “.