If the taste of food wasn’t a killer for all of us out here, now they are making cakes that even look like marbles!

Yes it's edible and it's a cake 😉 by #OlgaNoskovaa #Tweetistan

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This recent cake icing technique has taken the Internet like a storm and people are going gaga about the flawless icing of these.Take a bite? Naah, ill just keep it in a showcase!

❤️Love.Love.Love.❤️ Russian Cake Master #OlgaNoskovaa 👌🏻#OlgaNoskovaaCake 👍🏻 #Tweetistan

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The beautiful and gem-like icing was created by a Russian confectioner Olga Noskovaa and her skills are, hands down, Ah-May-Zing!

The delicious delicacies are created in a variety of colors and textures. The marbled, mirror-like effect is created by pouring multiple colors of icing over the top of the cake with intricate precision.

The multi-tonal effect on each delicious cake is created by pouring on different colored icing on top of the sponge at the same time

Neat and Perfect 👍🏻 #OlgaNoskovaaCake #Tweetistan

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More information on these cakes is still not found because, hey! they’re unique and Ms Noskovaa would like to keep them that way.

So just visit her Instagram and drool over the masterpieces with the other 176,000 followers because she makes sure to update it everyday!