RafiPeer Theatre is carrying the legacy of  puppetry which not only entertain the people of Lahore but they do carry puppet shows all over Pakistan from time to time. Well here is the time for their famous International festival! Rafi Peer Shah theatre was established in 1974 and it is located on 7 kilometers off Raiwand,  which is now extended to a café, a museum of puppetry, and an outdoor theatre.  Rafi Shah theatre has successfully hosted some of the great international festivals and now it’s back with International Puppet Festival 2019 RafiPeer International one of the largest cultural event for the families and children. The major objective of this event  is to promote the art of puppetry, story-telling and various forms of puppetry from all across the globe. The puppet companies from all over the world will going to participate in the event to advertise their form of puppetry and to get inspiration from each other.