Hum TV’s newly started, much anticipated drama serial Raqs e Bismil airs its second episode. This episode is very strong, fast paced and very intriguing. The story has already make us intrigued to know more. It seems that the curse Sakina has put on Moosa will going to determine his love story which will going to be tragic and heart breaking. Imran Asharaf has come up with a brilliant and power filled performance. Mehmood Aslam’s powerful scene presence is also incredible. Anoushe Abbasi and Momin Saqib performances are impressive too. Sara Khan is looking very stunning in her portrayal as Zohra in the play.

Moosa who is idealizing his future wife to be as the most pious lady, untouched and pure falls in love with Zohra who is a courtesan, she wears abaya just because she wants to hide her identity from her class mates to avoid any problem. She goes and dances at private functions. Moosa is certainly not aware of her identity as Zohra he gets inspired by her getup all clad and covered in veil and fancies her as his ideal wife to be , he has no idea that she is a courtesan who is quite a public figure.

Well it makes us wonder that what Moosa going to react when he will get to know that Zohra who he has started fancying her as an ideal girl of his dreams is nothing like what he fancies about her,but  a prostitute? Will he going to shun her or his craze for her will not going to end. Moosa being an heir of a Peer and belongs to Syed family will ever be able to accept a prostitute as his wife? Moosa is the one who has not let her cousin marry a man just because he is not Syed so how can he accepts a girl who belongs to a Khota.

Moosa’s family is all geared up to get Moosa engage with a girl Sitara who belongs to another Peer family. Sakina is all set to take her revenge from Moosa, she eavedrops Issa and Moosa’s conversation where Moosa is telling Issa about his passion for Zohra. Sakina has made up her mind that she will not going to let Moosa have his love. She lies to Moosa’s mother that Moosa and Sitara likes each other so that Moosa’s mother fix their engagement and Moosa will not going to get what he wants. Will Moosa have the guts to stand in front of his father and will he going to say No to him? What will Moosa going to do when he will know Zohra’s reality. These questions makes us curious to see what happens in next episode.