Sania Saeed and Nirma Bucha the super talented and finest artist are pairing up for their a theatrical play “Mushk” . This play will mark their theatrical venture together where we can see both the finest actresses together on stage. The play is written by Raabia Qadir and Seemal Numan , Mushk plays with the idea of individuals being inherently unknowable.”Sania and I had never worked with one another before. I mean we had seen each other’s work but this was the first opportunity for us to work together. I’m so happy that we came together for stage rather than TV, where we may not have had such an intense experience of working together. I also happen to be a big admirer of Kanwal’s work so there was no way that I wanted to miss this opportunity.” says  Nimra Bucha.


“We wouldn’t want to tell anyone what the message of the play is. The beauty of this particular play, or all theatre plays in general is that it will be your own process. Whatever message you want to take away from it you do it at your own pace and mind.” says Sania Saeed.