Seems too good to be true, no? what thought so too, before the Event on 22nd November, Karachi. Physiogel launched their iconic brand in Pakistan at Alliance Francaise, the event had a panel of experts namely; Dr. Rene Rust, Dr. Seema Hirji, leading celebrity Aisha Khan and beauty expert Saeeda Mandviwalla. The star studded event was attended by Zhalay Sarhadi, Zoe Viccaji, Rachel Viccaji, Sara Haider, Alishba Yousuf, Sonya Hussyn and the host of the evening Hira Hussain.

The even t started with a very thorough explanation of the unique science that went into the creation of Physiogel and what differentiates it from other brands, it was wonderfully explained by the Senior Director Expert Science of GSK Consumer’s Global Skin Health Category, Dr. Rene Rust. We learned then, that Physiogel with its scientifically proven BioMimic TechnologyTM, works with the skin, to repair the moisture barrier, for stronger, healthier skin that is less dry and sensitive. The best part? – no fragrances, no preservatives and no colorants; it’s made up of totally un harmful and gentle ingredients.


“This new campaign launch is especially important because our goal is to spread awareness among all of the people who have been suffering with dry and sensitive skin. Our products are scientifically proven to provide solutions for the most dry & sensitive skin.”-Mr. Sohail Matin CEO GSK Consumer Healthcare Pakistan.

Physiogel, breaks the record of being the world’s first and only dry and sensitive skincare line,and is now available in Pakistan. With the kind of environmental conditions we have to face everyday, namely; pollution, stress, harsh cosmetics or soaps, 1 in 2 women* of our country are effected by them, but this is the perfect solution for their woes.

“I had really dry, irritated and sensitive skin especially in this season. I’ve tried a lot of products for dryness and because my skin is so sensitive, products used would lead to itchiness and redness. It was really frustrating to not feel comfortable in my own skin.”- Aisha Khan opened up about her own dilemma.

Aisha also mentioned that she had been a proud user of Physiogel since many years, after the suggestion of her doctor. It’s been so good for her that she carries it around wherever she goes!

“Many times, because patients don’t know how to take care of their skin, they ignore the issue till it becomes a severe case like eczema or atopic dermatitis. Also hydration of the skin becomes important for appearance of the skin as dry skin is the starting sign for your skin’s aging process.”-Dr. Seema Hirji, an expert dermatologist.

A short demo was given by the beauty expert Saeeda Mandivalla, she emphasized the use of Physiogel, while letting her audience know that even in this dry weather, a healthy, moisturized look is possible!!

Since Physiogel is a daily use product which is safe even for sensitive skin, it is ideal to use.”-Beauty expert, Saeeda Mandviwalla,

Saeeda also followed her speech with a short demo while emphasizing the use of Physiogel so that users can get a healthy, moisturized look, even during this dry weather.

The skin bar was opened in the end, where the event attendees were given Physiogel samples and a detailed guideline on pampering their skin. This happened not before, Rachel Viccaji enamored the crowd with a power-packed performance!

The event was designed by Catwalk events, Aisha wore a dazzling yet demure dress by Sania Maskatia,  Hira’s hair were styled by Nabila, for such an informative yet remarkable event these names were the best choices that were made! IT not only looked promising, seeing these people vouch for Physiogel, but the panel of experts was really the reason why so many now reach for Physiogel on the shelves!

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