Well we love how passionate and patriotic Shaniera Bhabhi is for Pakistan and this time too she speaks up for Pakistan by schooling a famous YouTuber Shaveer Jafry on his irresponsible and stupid video, where the vlogger is doing a stupid road stunt  on a Pakistani road. Shaveer is is spending his vacation in Pakistan these days, Jafry had uploaded a video where he leaned out his face from the side window of his car and dances to a song and while sharing this video he captioned it “Only in Pakistan”. Well Shaniera Bhabi do not like this and she commented,Only in Pakistan” is he serious???- All the people dying on our roads and this “influencer” does this!! Not cool man, not cool!” She further said, “Come and visit the trauma wards with me in our over congested hospitals and then tell me if this was worth it! How dare you treat Pakistan this way, You think just because you’re in Pakistan you can do whatever you like? This is not cool, this is not post worthy, nor is this influencing in anyway, This is just selfish and really really stupid!” Well Shaveer Jafri has deleted his video.