A year that started with hopes and promises has leeched Pakistan of its color, so much has been taken from this Nation in such a short span of time, it’s a wonder we’re still smiling and hoping. It’s a Series of deaths that has shaken up the entire nation and beyond! First a human like Ehdi Shab passed away, which made Pakistani’s feel like orphans because of all the care and worry he had for us.

Last photo of #JunaidJamshed clicked in chitral. #Sad #Shocked #planecrash 😭 #tweetistan

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The Months of Ramadan, while bringing all the blessings took Amjad Sabri, the Qawwal of the NAtion with with him! The death of Hanif Bhai was another shock. During all these times the people we had, the celebrities and the people we look up to, held us together. Junaid Jamshed was one of them. We saw him crying and making dua for each one of these and now people are doing  the same for him.

The person who was first known for his vocals and then for his Imaan is no more, the person all people facing difficulties looked up to, while thinking ” If he can do it, we can too” he is no more.

“Only yesterday Junaid Jamshed was crying for Amjad Sabri, now we are crying for him”

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Junaid Jamshed, while heading to Islamabad from Chitral in a flight met his tragic demise on 7th December 2016.The plane crashed due to engine failure and took away the lives of approximately 40 people, Junaid JAmshed and his wife included.  The entire nation is in mourning, fans pour out their hearts on the social media and scholars and celebrities alike are praying for his soul’s peace. Though it is a tragic event, we should not forget all the blessings that we have and cherish all that we still have left!

“2016 has been a constant reminder that life is too short and can end in the blink of an eye”