After becoming the best Actor out there (for most of us, anyway) Sharukh Khan is experimenting with different roles this year, depicting a younger self of him in his latest movie FAN, Which was on both sides of the critic’s spectrum. The 50-year-old actor is now going to play a dwarf, you heard it, a Dwarf in Aanand L. Raid’s  upcoming movie.

Playing a dwarf is much easier if you are, you know, are a dwarf, and as the trend of Bollywood adopting from Hollywood is catching on more than ever like from Iron Man and now a dwarf most likely inspired from the beloved Tyrion from Game of Thrones. The Director AnandL.Raid has a big responsibility to make this one successful, he said that it was a difficult job to convince Shahrukh Khan for the role but he is looking forward to it.

The movie’s story will be a pure romantic story or a family entertainer with romance, not much is known yet. Though rumor has it that Kangana is going to be the lady in the spotlight (fingers crossed). But whoever it may be, the special effect task is gigantic and looking at FAN we can expect them to definitely pull this one off!