Have you read the latest CII women’s protection bill? Yeah? Well, here at Tweetistan, we did too! But we were shocked at the reactions of people all across Pakistan, some are enraged, others pleased and some are even in denial. But what we don’t get are the wrong reasons!


I mean, okay, he stopped women from working in “Vulgar” environments, ordered them to breastfeed for two whole years and gave their husbands the right to lightly beat them!

CII Mualana

Oh and how can we forget the part about women not having a right to own properties, female nurses not attending any male patients AND women not indulging in any “Labor-intensive” work!Kamil

Ladies and Gentle-men too, don’t you see where this is heading? Don’t you know the rise in BDSM awareness these days?

Even Christian used to lightly beat Anastisia, and she liked it!

#CII the Mualanaz and their recommendations 😄

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The Bill also allowed women to work as politicians and dignitaries, dominating roles you know..eye brow raising

So, Maybe (we’re kinda sure here) our Maulana Sahab, in question, likes some role play for himself. Of course, being playful with your wife is not wrong is it?


Being possessive about her and keeping her to himself isn’t a bad thing either, Remember when Christian couldn’t just have enough of his beloved Ana, they had to miss work and vanish during events too?

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So go easy on the old man here, he is just trying to do it the Halaal-Way. Do you even know the benefits on the female body after breastfeeding for two-whole-years?!!


The poor guy just wants to have some fun!


but we have another option too 😉