You know how you guys are always complaining about how girls can be so hard to read? Well, today you are in for a little treat as we at Tweetistan decide to help you out a little in reading a girls mind and some signs she gives when she is secretly crushing on you. Read on below to learn what these signs are:

Sign #1: The hair playing


Does she keep twirling strands of her hair? Or does she keep touching and fixing her hair? Well, those are some very good signs that she likes you and is usually doing that unconsciously for you to notice her. So next time you see her playing with her hair, then you know it’s a pretty good sign that she likes you!


Sign #2: Random Cutesy fights


You know how she keeps picking fights with you on even the smallest things? And then expects you to apologize? Well, that is a VERY obvious sign that she is head over heels crushing on you (especially if she is usually a very calm person around others).


Sign #3: Cute nicknames/comparisons and insults


Yeah, girls like to give cute nicknames but not to every guy they meet. This “privilege” is usually reserved for the special someone in their hearts. So the next time she calls you with a cute nickname, or compare you to someone that she really likes or even calls you “mean” or an “idiot” playfully, you can be sure you hold a special place in her heart.


Sign #4: Social media stalking


Well okay, this one might be obvious but oh how true is it! If she likes you then she will want to find out everything about you (the detective in her comes out!) and the best way for that is obviously your social media accounts! So, the next time you see her commenting on your old posts from 2008, you can be sure that she is stalking you because she really likes you.


Sign #5: Those random excuses she gives to talk to you


From help with a small problem to a computer problem to sports to anything and everything, the girl will try to come up with random excuses to talk to you. Do you remember that one time a girl wanted to talk to you in-depth about the weather? Yeah, she liked you and was finding an excuse.


Sign #6: The Jealousy


Have a large group of female friends? Chances are that the girl who likes you probably hates their guts. It’s not their fault- she just hates it when you give attention to any girl except her. Oh and you can be sure that any comments you make on another girls pictures or they comment on your posts/pictures, her profile is being thoroughly checked for any signs of you two being involved.

Well, there you have it guys, these 6 signs are a surefire way to know that a girl is crushing on you. So the next time you meet her, how about asking her out? Let us know if you have ever experienced these signs in the comments section below.