We all have those days when we just don’t have the time to perfectly make up our face or the energy for the step-by-step beauty regime that we have spent hours to perfect. Well, stress no more as the following hacks have got you covered! Keep reading to know how you can cut back not only on time but products to get the perfect look without the hassle!


Red and puffy eyes are so not the look we girls are going for, so what’s the solution? A Nude colored pencil eyeliner on your waterline will help you look instantly more awake and your eyes brighter.


Yes we all know that color correcting is the “in” thing at the moment, however, when you have to rush, then color correcting can take up more time then you are willing to spare. Simple solution – get a yellow based full coverage concealer which works well for all skin tones, neutralizes and conceals acne scars, dark circles and pigmentation. It gives  you more time on your hands without having to worry



Love that sharp winged liner look but can’t get it perfect? Use a concealer to clean up and sharpen the area around that wing



Oily hair and out of dry shampoo and no energy to wash your hair? Grab that baby powder lying around the house and lightly dust some on your roots and shake it up. Dark hair? No problem! Just apply some powder to your roots the night before and no one will be able to notice the powder.




Love the glowy look but don’t have a highlighter or shimmer with you? Grab a shimmery champagne eye shadow and use that on your cheeks, above the brows and on the bridge of your nose to give you that perfect glowy look without the added expense or products.



Perfect the sleek look and tame those baby hairs by lightly spraying an old mascara wand with hairspray and lightly comb those hairs back. Those tiny hairs will not be bothering you throughout the day

Running late and have absolutely no time at all to spare for makeup? Grab that red lipstick you have lying around and just use that to instantly look more put together without having to use any other makeup.


You’re welcome ladies! And I hope these come in handy when you’re rushing to work because of those 5 minutes ( half an hour) of extra sleep, or simply have to attend a few events on the same day. Do let me know which of these hacks you would or would not use by leaving your comments down below!