Lets be honest here, the success of a movie is measured by there Box Office numbers. Lately the riff raff between India and Pakistan has created a lot of tension and misunderstandings between the media of both countries, the stars, the directors, producers, basically, EVERYONE!

Ae Dil hai Mushkil to resist ❤️️ #aedilhaimushkil

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We had to see the treacherous tweet by Adnan Sami , we saw how Karan Johar supported Fawad, how Mahesh Bhatt and Shahrukh also gave their two cents and then we saw how they were condemned for it! We even heard them say that Fawad Khan was heard saying, “Bollywood kiskay baap ka hai?” *gasp

Mirror mirror on the wall 😍😍😍 #fawadkhan #aedilhaimushkil

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Among all this tension the stars are returning home but the movies that had already casted Pakistani celebrities are facing a lot of condemnation.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was set to release this deewali but the producers now rent sure if this would be a wise move, considering the current situation.

“I will put in efforts to convey to them that ADHM was shot much before our equation with Pakistan reached an all-time low. So let us not throw spanners in films which have Pakistani artistes and are on floors. It is just that they should not be cast in new projects hereafter.” Says the IMPPA president who has a meeting due with MNS chief says he will try and ease the pressure on ADHM.

We fully support Fawad and hope all this crisis gets over soon!!