Well like father like son, Ahad Raza Mir has proved his acting prowess well not only in Pakistani dramas but on International forums like Canadian theatre. Ahad Raza Mir has appeared for his theartrical role as Hamlet in Canada and now he has received a nomination for it too. Ahad has  been nominated in the Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama’ category at the upcoming Betty Mitchell Awards 2019 which recognizes excellence in Calgary’s Professional Theatre Community with the award, he shares his excitement and thoughts with The News, “It feels amazing; the biggest thing is that it’s like pride for the country. It is a regional award; hundreds of shows took place in the entire province there. For me, it is a big deal because I started my career there and I have been watching these people get these awards for many years, hoping that it would happen to me too, one day. Therefore, bagging a nomination is a big success, not just for people residing in Pakistan but for Pakistanis abroad.”