Well he was right but naming people seems ridiculous when Hadiqa is in lahore and Ali Haider is resided in America. On this whole Ali Haider replied to Aamir Zaka on net to stop cashing someone’s death and have some respect. He said “To hold a mobile and gather 4/5 people and talk is very easy. Since you are a big social worker you should have helped him out instead of going to someone’s death and creating a scene. You should have some shame. If I want to do something good, I will do it without telling anyone. Everyone knows what sort of a person I am and everyone knows your reputation and now even I have gotten to know you as well” He further said “I have always described you in nice words and have prayed for you even now I will remember you in my prayers to give you a brain and for you to use that.”9d561517a5756dc55a599e2144af33e3_400x400169150_20590677