So , we finally were able to hear from Amir Khan and apart from clearing up the issues regarding Faryal Makhdoom’s social media outburst, he had a great surprise to share!!!! Remember, less than a week ago, boxer Amir Khan’s wife of 3 years and the mother of his 2 year old daughter went all guns ablaze on her in-laws, using her Snapchat posts.

The posts were picked up by her fans and while they started lauding Faryal on her guts and speaking up, Imran’s sister, the one who was allegedly beating up Faryal and his brother Haroon Khan also jumped in to the fray with their own opinions. During all this , Imran has been silent until now! He finally gave an interview! The answers are not surprising though, because, Amir says he keeps out if it! Yep! He blatantly stated that every family has a bit of arguments going on and he stays out of the ones arising between Faryal and his family.

The handsome and deadly boxer looked adorable when he said, “I’m just the guy who’s stuck in the middle.”

After releasing this statement about the prevailing problem, he went on to hint at a surprise!! A DESI REALITY SHOW!!! Since we have shows depicting real lives of celebrities and they are widely popular (keeping up with the Kardiashians) why not create a desi reality show! Imran mentiond that the talks of his family being a part of one are on the way and maybe maybe we’ll soon get to see the same social media outburst on TV. For real. The Khan family would have their own reality show! The magnitude of this news is huge, since this show would be the first of its kind!! While many people do speculate about Desi and their lives, no one has ever made a reality show on such a high profile desi family!! Finger’s crossed on this one!!!