Hear this! We all know about Sallubhai’s extreme loyalty towards his friends and family, but a wrong move with him could scar you for life.

The case here is of Arijit Singh who has managed to get on Salman’s bad side and is now facing his wrath! The buzz around town is that despite Arijit’s attempts to get back on Salman’s good side by posting an apology on his social media page, it’s just not happening!

Sallubhai and the makers of the film, havein fact, taken a drastic step and decided to remove Arijit’s song from his next movie and instead rope in another singer in his place! We hear that Rahat may be signed, but nothing is finalized yet.

Well, all we can do ishope is that this misunderstanding gets resolved as soon as possible. Let us know what you think about this issue by leaving your comments down below!