Yes Alif’s famous Dada and Sunno Chanda’s famous Bee Jaan got married. Pakistan’s famous  TV  actress Samina Ahmed and Manzar Shebai got married  in a private gathering. According to the news,  the two legendary actors of Pakistan’s entertainment industry tied the knot  on April 4, 2020, with a picture from the nupitals also circulating on the net.Prior to this, Samina Ahmed had been married to filmmaker Fareed Ahmad who passed away in 1993. Due to the current Corona Virus Lockdown,  the wedding appears to be a secret and an intimate affair. Samina Ahmed and Manzar Shebai both 70 were looking extremely cute yet graceful together where Samina Ahmed has drapped an elegant saree pairing it with pearl studs. where Alif star is wearing a priceless smile.