“Pakistani pageant industry is not as popular as in different countries and one must think that it is easy to become a new Miss Pakistan World, but that’s not true” Said Anzhelika Tahir, the winner of the 13th Miss Pakistan World.

Miss Tahir, grew up in Kiev, Russia and is half-Ukrainian and half-Pakistani. She is the first girl of mixed race to be representing Pakistan on this international platform.


When she was asked to say a few words about herself, she said, “I never thought that I could be a beauty queen title holder.”

“During my elementary school days, I didn’t have friends. Because of my skin color, no one wanted to sit with me at the desk.”


Anzhelika felt like an outsider all her life because she didn’t fit with the “White Kids” because of her color. Not only did she represent Pakistan on such a big platform, she also has plans for her country,

“My goal for this year is to represent my country Pakistan in international contests and to show the Pakistani beauty and the positive image of my country and my Pakistani heritage.”

Anzhelika Tahir, the winner of the 13th Miss Pakistan World. #MissPakistan

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Well, this came as a welcome surprise and we must say, we’re proud of you! You beautiful talented person! Keep making the Country proud! J