Dramas address various social issues and there is another drama highlighting the problem of human trafficking in Pakistan. Qaisera Hayat has written down a brilliant play  Daldal  in which Shuja  played by Zahid Ahmed traveling to London illegally and how illegal immigrants faced problems. Armeena Khan plays Shuja’s wife, Hira, in the play. Being in London currently, the actress sat down with the BBC Asian Network to talk about how Daldal has been praised for raising awareness about illegal immigration and the massive impact they made into the society.

“Its nice to be able to provide information because sometimes I fear that people make choices without knowing the consequences.” She further added, “I find comments like it is better to stick to this country and just explore your opportunities here rather than taking this risk and get killed.”

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“This is something that we may even recommend to the government and the organizations that work in Pakistan. We want the government to be able to educate the population and provide opportunities for the citizens so they are less tempted to go abroad because it is not as rosy, not the land of milk and honey as it seems from far away” tells Armeena Khan to BBC Asian Network.