Another two most engaging episodes of drama serial Balaa went on air on ARY Digital, it is a play based on Pride, Persistence and obsession very artful penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and  brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. These episodes begins when Taimur shouts at her sister for the first time in his life , well despite of lots of backing of Nigaar that he has done a right thing, Taimur feels bad and goes himself to Batool’s room to  make her feel better and he explained his position to him and assures her that he fully trust her which makes Batool feeling extremely guilty as she is lying with him she is actually out with a boy!  She makes her mind that now she will not contact that Doctor until and unless he will send proposal for her.

Nigaar is extremely furious on the fact that Taimur still cares for her mother and sisters and love them passionately despite of all her negative feedings.Unfortunately he accidentally listens Batool and Saleha conversation where Batool is telling her about the Doctor also that her mother is not agreeing for the marriage. Nigaar is super happy as she gets a  huge weakness of Batool in his hands and now she can manipulate it for her own advantage. Poor Batool is really  in trouble now. Moreover Nigaar also visits that Doctor with her mother in law and tells him secretly that she knows all about the affair Batool has told her all about him and that she should convince her mother.


Well Nigaar is exposing her true self now she cannot bear that her mother in law runs the house as she want total control, so when Taimur gives her expenditure money to Nigaar to give to his mother and then she see Taimur giving pocket money to her sisters it literally drives her mad. She tries her best that Taimur’s mother agrees for giving her the expenditure responsibility but Taimur’s mother behaves wisely and takes money from her. Nigaar steals some money out of that  and later creates a big drama about the stolen money and leaves the house with his father.

Nigaar is extremely furious on the fact that Taimur has not pleaded her to stop or has not called her that night. Nigaar is mean , selfish and extremely cruel he is not sparing even his real brother. Nigaar has said something very mean to his brother and tohis father too. She is even planning to  further ruin his brother’s ruined life. She is the Balaa!