Episodes 36 and 37 are top trending and the story has moved towards the resolution.  The writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah has brilliantly penned this story of revenge and it is well directed by Badar Mehmood. Taimur is mourning her mother’s death and his inner self is saying that Nigaar is behind of all his  tragedies. He is planning to take revenge and for that he asked Saba’s assistance and also offers her nikkah.

There happens a sequence events in these two episode which fully reveals all sins of Nigaar to Taimur! First of all Saba tells Taimur how Nigaar and his father paid money to Mateen for her elopement and how he used Mateen to prove Zeba characterless in front of Junaid and how she becomes the reason of Zeba’s death . Then Moreover Hamza and his mother visits Taimur for condolence and Hamza’s mother admits that she has  wronged him and his family but whatever she has done is all what Nigaar asks her to do that! Nigaar’s nervousness is obvious to Taimur but instead of feeling bad or ashamed she started shouting on Hamza’s mother.

Moreover Nigaar’s father confesses too which made Nigaar’s case more weak but Nigaar has not properly repented she said that all she did because she loves Taimur and she is possessive about him.  Taimur is shocked and disgusted  with this explanation but he pretends that he has forgiven him but deep in his head he has started plotting against Nigaar! He wants to completely ruined her like the way she has ruined him and his family. He knows the best way to break Nigaar is to snatch her property and money. For that he plays a trick he resigns himself from the job but pretends in front of Nigaar that his boss has kicked him out of the job !

Taimur and Saba created a planned scene where Saba is offering her house papers to Taimur so that he can start his business this pressurizes Nigaar and he signs on her property papers and gives them to Taimur! Taimur is now the MD of Zafar’s office! Moreover Taimur gets another shock of his life when he gets to know coincidentally by a lady doctor that Suleha Appa was suffering from ovaries cancer and that her stage was curable and her life could be saved  but Nigaar has not followed her instructions and has not pursued for the treatment! Taimur is surprised how vile one can be! He is resolute that he is going to ruin Nigaar the way she did to his family!