Writers are the actual genius behind successful play or film, they conceive the characters and craft the characters that people look and remember after ages. Khalil ul Rehman Qamar is one such great writer who has penned so many hit serials and is famous for his sharp edged dialogues. Boota from Toba Tek Singh, Landa Bazzar, Payaray Afzal were his super hit works. He has also written the script of upcoming movie Punjab Nahi Jaongi. He in one of his interview shared his views that he believe that writers are not given the credit and respect they deserve.


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“I support all the writers in the industry, and I do believe writers are not given the respect they deserve. At times what happens is, once the work is handed over, lines are re-written by the director and sometimes even the actors. Now that is something I don’t allow when it comes to my work. If I ever see that being done, I don’t work with them again. Simple.”  Khalil ul Rehman Qamar said.

He further added that

“The writer gives birth to the story, comes up with the characters and then it is handed over to the producer and director. Writers should be given the credit but are not, and even though they earn well today, if a project of theirs becomes successful, don’t earn extra rewards for that. With various production houses having a content department, I somehow feel that content kills creativity.”