Well besides providing  quality of Entertainment, one of the major responsibility of our Entertainment Industry is to create awareness about certain societal issues and to educate masses through it. Well this year our drama industry has come up with really amazing drama serials which not only created awareness in the masses but these dramas also have a sound script and exhibited brilliant performances.

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila  is on aired on HUM TV such a well written  by Bee Gul and well executed play which has addressed a very sensitive issue of sexual abuse and that too the victim faces it at home, it continues because the victim has no courage of raising her voice. Her silence is encouraging the culprit to carry on his harassment. Yumna Zaida has nailed  this role of a helpless victim with her brilliant performance and Nauman Ijaz has brilliantly played the role of   compulsive harasser.

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As the drama Meri Gurya ended last week, it highlighted bitter realities and stereotypes of our society along with the main topic of child abuse. It realistically portrays how we as a society have become so insensitive to things that should shake our souls instead. Although they stretched the last few episodes and fast forward some of its part too but it ended on a satisfactory note and with a very strong message. Mohsin Abbas Haider has done an extraordinary job in playing this negative role Dabeer that we can’t help hating him from the core of our hearts. Truly, Haider has given an award winning performance! Sania Saeed’s character and her acting was absolutely brilliant. Performances of Sajid Hassan, Soniya Hassan and Faris Shafi were superb too. Definitely a drama worth watching!! . . . . . . . . . . . . #arydigital #mohsinabbashaider #soniyahussain #saniasaeed #sajidhassan #drama #pakistandrama #pakistanidramas #awareness #tv #meriguriya

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Meri Guriya

Another brilliant play is Meri Guriya which is based on the true incident of Zainab  rape and murder incident. The play is very incredibly penned down by Radain Shah and it on airs on ARY Digital. Mohsin Abbas Haider has very artfully played the character of psycho paedophile and a serial killer.



This drama is addressing a very important soceital issue of alcholism and its curses on the society. How a man under the influence of wine commits a very henious sin. The play on airs on ARY Digital and Faisal Querishi’s acting as a sinner who is living his life under the guilt of such huge sin is simple remarkable.

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. . (Story) The story revolves around Pakeeza (Sonya Hussyn) who takes nude pictures of herself to prove to Hamza (Sami Khan) that she loves & trusts him but some goons steal her phone and leak her inappropriate pictures. After that she becomes the talk of the town so her mom feeds her poison to kill her because of the shame that she brought upon the family but she survives and goes into coma. While unconscious one of the hospital's sweepers rapes & impregnates her, what follows is Pakeeza's story of standing up again in life. . (Review) The story is good but its too depressing, I wish the writer focused either on the leaked pictures story or the rape story because two of them together are such a heavy dose of sadness to the viewer, also they ended the drama by killing the protagonist Hamza which destroyed my hopes for a happy ending after all this sadness but I must say that this drama was engaging & the direction was really good. Overall this drama isn't exceptional as people were saying, it's just another 'Mazloom Aurat' story, if you are looking for an intense drama then you should watch it I give it 6.5/10 . . #SonyaHussyn #SamiKhan #NadiaKhan #SabaHameed #AisiHaiTanhai

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Aisi Hai Tanhai

This ARY Digital serial is also raising the issue of rape and how people try to cover it and the hurdles victim face in the way of getting Justice for her ownself. Sonya Hassan has very beautifully played the role of a rape victim and then how bravely she fights her own case in the court.


Daldal drama serial has very intelligently addressed the issue of illegal immigrants and about the  miseries of illegal immigrants, how miserable life they live at the foregin land and also how there family suffers too. Zahid Ahmed and Armeena Khan’s perforamnces has given best of their performances in this play.