“If our audience is watching and liking Indian movies because there are certain aspects of them that they like. The vibrant displays, the dances and songs.”- Ayeza Khan


As a nation we love the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. The stars . The costumes. The music. The happening couples. Indian movies are our favorite! We almost have an obsession with them.

What if you could actually act upon it?!


What if you could actually feel what those gorgeous women felt?!


What if you could be at their place?

Dress like them?


It’s possible!

It is this obsession that lead the Indian brand DIVA’NI to open its first international flagship couture store in Lahore this month. Launched by Yash Raj Films and the Karol Bagh Sari House (KBSH) Private Limited back in 2013, it is a fashion-house specializing in cinema-inspired wardrobes, a concept that is bound to attract a lot of clientele in a country like Pakistan.

Sanya Dhir, DIVA’NI’s creative Director said that she is well aware of the implications and impediments that the rupee conversion and the unknown market will pose, she has pre-planned a business strategy to tackle them head-on with intelligent pricing, a consistent supply chain and well-trained in-store staff. “Our prices will be similar to that of Pakistani embellished designer-wear and we will have trained design consultants in the store to deal with customers’ queries,” she outlines.

“We’ve mixed in formals that can be purchased off-the-rack with bespoke designs that can be ordered and a smaller collection of formal couture titled DIVA’NI Man. When it comes to wedding-wear, we know that many people like to get designs customized according to their requirements. They will simply have to discuss details with our consultant who will, then, communicate them to another consultant in India and the clothes will get made and then shipped off to Pakistan.”

Think back to trends that have often gone insanely viral, like the lehngas in Karan Johar’s extravaganzas, Yash Chopra’s slinky, elegant takes on saris, Deepika Padukone’s midriff-baring cholis, right down to oddities like clasping sunglasses down the back of shirts a la Salman Khan in Dabangg or a cap declaring ‘Captain’ sported by a young Aamir Khan and getting hugely popular. These were all once what we craved for, many demanded our clueless tailors to replicate them..

“The store in Lahore is going to be our first international couture retail-point and we’re very serious about establishing ourselves in this market,” says Sanya Dhir, DIVA’NI’s Creative Director. “The initial collection that we’ll be bringing in is titled ‘Queen’s Ransom’ and as the name implies, it is very regal, taking inspiration from Mughal art and architecture and interpreting it in modern ways.”

“We have always been very dedicated to promoting handcraft and art via film and most of our clothes are intricately created by craft clusters in Lucknow, Veranasi and Delhi. There are four verticals within the brand: retail, couture, in-film styling and celebrity wardrobe. What we stock in our stores – whether in Mumbai, Delhi or soon, in Lahore – may not be precisely what we have designed for a movie but all the designs have a definite Bollywood oomph and glamour. In essence, everything in our store personifies the belief of late Indian director Yash Chopra that the woman is the most beautiful being in the world and that he could beautify her even more with the right aesthetics.”- Sanya Dhir

The store is set to open in Lahore by the end of this month, and we wait with abated breath to see if they triumph or topple!!