The upcoming  flick Maan Jao Na with all its vital colors, and energetic vibes has just released its 2 tracks Bijli and Chal Para and both of these songs certainly carry different flavors and mood, but both of the numbers are just amazing,its give us an inkling about the complete music album of the film. Bijli Bhari Hai, is kind of a rendition of the old Bijli Bhari Hai song or a remake of  the song which sounds quite peppy with the modern beat and new lyrics added to it. This one song will makes you tap your feet and feet to the beat instantly. It is indeed one great dancing number and no wonder you will hear this number on every list of DJs in parties and weddings.

The number is sung and composed by Vicky Haider, the video of the song is too a treat to watch as we Ayaz Samo, Adeel Chaudhry, Hajra Yamin and Ghana Ali grooving to the beats, both the girls got some really smexy moves! Hajra looks super in the black outfit Whereas Ghana was rocking  in red. Maan Jaao Na is set to release on 2nd of Feb 2018.