Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter series? We at Tweetistan are fans and so it came as a bit of a surprise to us when we heard about this spicy bit of news. Apparently, the much loved character of “Dumbledore” was offered to a Bollywood Actor! Yes, you heard it right! And guess who the lucky actor was – none other than the extremely talented Naseeruddin Shah.

But wait, the most shocking part is this: the actor was asked to audition for the role and he refused (GASP)! In a recent Twitter chat with TOI, he confessed saying:

 “My agent wanted me to audition for Dumbledore’s character after Richard Harris died. I was asked if I would like to audition for it. But I wouldn’t audition for it.”

Well, what do you think of this bit of news? Would you have liked to see him play the character in Harry Potter?