Hard to believe? Shocked? Join the club!

Every movie that is released now-a-days has a sizzling hot item number! At times, that’s all the movie is remembered by.. But the makers of Chalay Thay Sath just revealed that their movie doesn’t have an item song, because IT DOESN’T NEED THAT! They say you should know just the right amount of confidence to sell yourself, these guys have got it right!

The movie is said to be a complete family movie, although it’s got some elements of romance and young friendships, the main essence of the movie is very serene, from the OSTs to the few BTS the movie sounds like something you could definitely watch with your siblings or friends!

“It’s a pure family film, which a sister can see with her brother without getting awkward,” the Executive Producer shared happily. “Also, I’d like to add that it has no item number.”

When asked about the reason why  Shamim Hilaly said that, “Item numbers are incorporated for added attraction and our film doesn’t need that. It’s good enough without it.

Yay! That is the confidence we need from the makers of such promising movies!

Ps: Mansha Pasha still hinted about a surprise! “But Faris is doing a solo item number so watch out for that!”


till then enjoy the teaser trailer 🙂

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