Third episode of Cheekh on aired yesterday and this episode  breaks the suspense and  mystery, the reality has been revealed ! The story is very artfully put down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and is well directed by Badar Mehmood, this is the same combination who made incredible drama serial like Balaa. Hopefully the team comes up with something amazing as Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbass are in the leading roles.


The episodes begins when Police confirms that rape is attempted to Nayab and most probably she is  being pushed! This news hits all like a bomb! Poor father of Nayab is more broken as he is already disturbed from Nayab’s critical condition this news has smashed his back! Mannat and Wajih are shocked like hell! Nayab’s step mother is such a detestable character that she is trying to cash out such a situation too by putting the whole blame on Mannat’s family. Moreover Police also tries to investigate Waji’s family as such a odious crime happened within the premises of their house , under their roof!

Baray Bahiya is behaving normally like any other  decent person in such situation, he is more concerned about his family name and honor. He instructs Mannat and Waji to stay away from all this and try not to visit hospital. Well Mannat, Waji and other family members were wondering that who is that beast who has committed such heinous sin ? Nayab’s father is a thorough gentleman, he tells Baray Bhaiya that he fully trusts his family and takes back his FIR. The driver’s behavior is still very suspicious he is making us think that as if he is the man who has committed this sin. Then there is a scene where the friend of Waji is recalling his sin with no signs of regrets on his face in facts he has an evil smile on his face! He is the actual wolf!

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. So Nayab died,because she was serious and the doctors couldn't save her😭 Wajih, Haya and Mannat went through all the good memories which they had with her. Especially the trio of Mannat, Haya and Nayab!! The bond they share was so precious😍 When Nayab died the only thing she said was "MANNAT KO KEHNA KI RAJA BHEDIYA NIKLA" She also took Wajih's name at the end which indicated that he might be the culprit. Wajih's character has so many slayers. Either Wajih is extremely sly or is really innocent. There is no in middle😂 @sabaqamarzaman @bilalabbas_khan @azekah.daniel @ushnashah Fc:- @annafilterss [Cheekh – Episode 3] {Don't Repost} . . #Cheekh#wajih#mannat#nayab#haya#sabaqamarzaman#bilalabbaskhan#ushnashah#azekahdaniel#thriller#suspense

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Mannat gains consciousnesses miraculously and upon inquiry from Police Officer Nayab shares the revealing harsh reality! he names the man behind all this! Nayab tells the officer to convey her message to Mannat that  Raja is the Wolf!  Then after Mannat and Waji’s arrival Nayab tries to share with her the name but dies before saying anything he just manages to call Waji. Well one wonders why Baray Bhaiya and that driver is behaving so strangely does it mean that they also know the reality and the person behind such odious crime? Well lets see how Waji and family behaves when Police will share with him what Nayab has said.