A new drama serial on ARY aired its second episode and the drama has already making waves. Saba Qamar as Mannat a lively and very caring friend has already won our hearts through her incredible performances. Script is well written by Balaa famed writer Zajabeel Asim Shah  and well helmed by Badar Mehmood. The first episode ended when Nayab falls from the roof all of a sudden in the middle of the party when everyone is out enjoying the event! Apparently it seems a suicidal attempt and everyone feels like that including Mannat and Wajih who take her to the hospital and they are with her. Nayab is in very critical condition.

According to Doctor it is a police case and he calls the police. The Police starts their investigation. Police goes to the crime scene place but Yawar Bhai has made sure  to clean up  every thing from the place.Well three persons equally seems responsible for this incident from viewers point of view first is the loafer drunken friend of Wajih who enters the room right after Nayab and it seems that he has seen her and his expressions were reflecting his wrong intentions.

On the other hand the driver is also behaving very strangely right after the incident. He is nervous like hell and his co worker has also noticed his weird behavior! He is the same driver who used to show great interest in Nayab despite of his co worker’s warning that he should stay in his limit and do not forget that he is just a driver! Third person is Yawar Bhai whose suspicious activities is making us too think that he is might be the person behind this incident! The way he is dealing with the police and the way he tries to hid the bangles seems he knows the truth or maybe he himself committed the sin and tries to conceal it.

Nayab’s stepmother creates an ugly drama showing her ugly and greedy self as she tries to cash this situation by putting whole blame on Mannat. Police finally confirms that unfortunately  Nayab is victimized for attempt of rape and that she has not  attempted suicide but was forced to jump or maybe pushed! Well who is the actual culprit ? Will Nayab be able to speak the truth!