Colgate Pakistan not only ensures that kids get cavity free healthy teeth but it also takes care of their mental growth and helps them to widen their imaginative world through various exciting and  and through fun kind of activities. It takes kids to a fun filled world of Magical Space Adventures for learning. Yes Colgate brings Magical Space Adventure for You!

The Colgate Magical Space Adventure got three sets for kids. The first set or step is to  Cut, then the second set is to play and then to learn through these fun filled activities about the mystical Alien Planet, the zero gravity  of Space walk and the thrilling Space Launch.

The Colgate Magical Stories are told and learned by the kids through simple cutting and playing and story telling process. Every kid got his or her own universe of imagination and Colgate is providing children  a chance to peek into that universe and have a short trip to it. These simple yet fun filled activities will help children to develop their imaginative world, it will make their imagination strong and they will learn alot about Space from these activities.

There is a Free Set of Space Adventure inside every Colgate tooth paste pack.You can send your entries about  your own imaginative stories on Facebook and get a chance of winning exciting prizes.

I really appreciate and love this initiative by  Colgate of  learning and exploring activities which will encourage kids to expand their horizon of imagination and let them live in their own created magical world for a while and also learn a lot out of it!