Well everyone remembers the drama our drama queen Meera Ji  did 9 years ago and it was then all over the media where Meera was completely rejecting that she has never been married and still a maiden and that the person Attiq ul Rehmaan is a liar. Well the verdict  is out on the Meera’s petition against ‘jactitation of marriage’, the judge announced that the nikkah-nama is not false and also stated that the nikkah had been confirmed by an authentic nikkahkhawan. Meera in 2009 had filed a petition in a family court in Lahore claiming that her marriage to Rehman was fake and that she was never married. Attiqur Reham had earlier called for arrest warrants to be issued against Meera, whom he claimed to have wed in September 2007. Well now Meera jee has settled in US for good lets see how it goes and I guess its now a dual marriage issue too.