Dayfresh flavored milk ensures a blend of positive energy and attitude
What a person intakes in his daily supplement is one of the things that every person takes an extra cautious step for, and rightly so! After all that’s what carries you along for the day and the we all know how the saying goes, “you are what you eat and drink”! Hence intake positive and stay positive, intake energy and thus stay energetic! You don’t have to be a mathematician to remember that formula.
One of the wholesome package that contains all the required nutrients, vitamins and supplements is milk. The perfect and healthy cooler for those sweltering summers or something to warm you up during the breezy winters, Milk always stands tall above it’s substitutes which aren’t always healthy, for example: fizzy drink and energy drinks.
Dayfresh ensures all it’s drinkers the perfect blend of the daily supplements and energy in every sip for the person that has it’s day with new challenges ahead and doesn’t back down from them.
Dayfresh’s new range of flavored milk features a punch of delicious flavors with their own extra kick and their own different persona.

Lets Date Chocolate – TVC 2017

Hit the sweet connection with your special date with chocolate.Get that edge of an attitude, making you steal the spotlight. #DateWithChocolate #DoodhWithAnAttitude #Dayfresh #DayfreshFlavoredMilk

Posted by Dayfresh Flavored Milk on Friday, October 6, 2017

As we can see in the TVC of Chocolate flavored milk is for those who has an edge about them, those who intimidate but aren’t threatened, the daring and the adventurous, but just like the flavored milk they do carry a punch of absolute sweetness that you don’t ever want to let go! That was shown in their new commercial featuring the dude with an something cool about him, stealing the limelight wherever he goes but he isn’t the egoistic, he gets along with the crowd, pleasing them with his own unique kick.

Dil Ki Maan Pista Zafraan – TVC 2017

Losing hope ? It's not what you're made of, drink up the formula of winners! Listen to your heart and be the game changer. #DilKiMaanPistaZafraan #DoodhWithAnAttitude #Dayfresh #DayfreshFlavoredMilk

Posted by Dayfresh Flavored Milk on Saturday, October 7, 2017

On the other hand, the pista and zafraan flavored milk is for the more vibrant, energetic and soulful. They are full of upbeat energy, and always learn to jog on through thick and thin until the final whistle blows. Personifying this with their 2nd TVC, showing a passionate team being guided through an emotional coach. The TVC makes a stronghold of the Dayfresh Pista Zafraan milk, when it provides the extra boost to score the winning goal, and put all that passion into a winning cause.