In a few days, weeks, or months you’ll be having your wedding. Perhaps this is the reason you’re feeling a little weird lately. I wish they had a word to describe a person who is happy, anxious, sad, nervous, scared and stressed; all at the same time. I’m sure you get what I mean.

Of course it’ll be difficult leaving the home you grew up in, adjusting into your new life, and new surroundings, but you’re going to be fine. Look forward to the new memories that you will get to make, and the different things you’ll experience. Your parents and your siblings will always be there when you need them, in fact, now you’re just going to be a bigger family. More people, more fun, isn’t it?:)

 “And in all these chaos, think often of the man of your dreams, be happy and sound like it, the most beautiful and comforting sound for a man is the laugh of the woman he loves…”

At the moment, you’re also stressed about your clothes, makeup and jewelry, don’t be, because after the big day is over, what will matter the most is your bond with your husband. Even if your curls loosen by the time you leave the salon, your eyeliner doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, and your clothes don’t fit perfectly, it’s okay. Nothing is more important than being positive about the moments that are to follow. Thus, despite everything that turns out to be the exact opposite of what you had imagined, make sure that your marriage turns out to be the way you dreamed it would be. Because having a beautiful marriage is better than any fancy wedding there could ever be.

“Don’t waste your time looking for the perfect things, create them, create the best combination of things that work for you, and you only! “

With all the preparations happening for the big day, you may be feeling exhausted and drained. Make sure that you take out time for yourself. You may be surrounded by many people, especially if you have a large family, but remember to take out time to de-stress, spend time with your close ones, and relax. Because worrying won’t make things easy.

“How beautiful would it be, to watch you walk down that aisle, in that beautiful dress, your face adorned with all those jewels, curls framing that smile, your eyes alight and searching for the one, your one….”

One more thing- while you’re reading this, I want you to picture your husband-to-be. Now imagine him smiling wide when he sees you, because that is how he is going to be. And I pray, that even when years pass by, he still looks at you the same way he first saw you. And you pray too, that everything becomes easy for both of you. Also, don’t forget to thank Him for blessing you!

“Make sure that you nurture each other, be the light to each other’s darkness, because, just like a flower can’t grow without sunshine, you can’t live without each other’s support and love”

May your marriage be filled with love and mercy. And may Allah make you both the coolness of each other’s eyes