Well the great news is that Madiha Inam’s classy flick with a unique story the one we can only find in novels may release in Pakistan too Wow! Madiha Inam too seems quite excited about this she shared her views about the release of Dear Maya in Pakistan “A release here was never in the plan. It’s not just Pakistan. It’s around the world; they are not releasing it anywhere else. That was how it was planned from the start. But now that they have a Pakistani protagonist, they are trying to see if they can do something about the release,” she further added, “They are still trying, as quite some time has been passed, so nothing is confirmed yet. This is the last update I have received from them. So, let’s hope.”


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Madiha also shared her feelings  that what she thinks and feels about the film “It has that poetic effect to it, a Shakespearean feel to it. The film has an essence which makes all of you connect to it. And I mean all of you, whether you are in your 40s, you are in 20s, whether you are a teenager. It’s about basic human feelings; it’s about love, it’s about hope, it’s about being grateful for what you have, it’s about friendship and it’s about family. I am sure everybody will be able to connect with it.” Well the movie suggests its a must watched one  classy flick! Can’t wait for its release in Pakistan.