We have since the beginning of their budding romance, been a fan of the gorgeous Deepika-Ranveer duo. Before this we had always swooned and drooled over how perfect they were for each other!! but this time, with their honeymoon period over, the future together doesn’t look so bright for these two!!

Only last month, Deepika said in an interview, “I am not pregnant, I am not engaged, I am not married. I am not planning to get married any time soon.”


And in his latest exclusive interview to India Today Television, Ranveer did not admit that he was in a committed relationship either.

Ranveer: Yaar, I’ve had many girlfriends and back in the day, like a decade ago, I used to be in a lot of insubstantial relationships, so to speak. But of late, I’m a changed man.

Sushant: So you’re a changed man, committed guy…?

Ranveer: Well, my outlook on romantic relationships has evolved – let’s just put it that way.

Sushant: Is it difficult to maintain your relationship when you are a public figure, is there any trouble in paradise?

Ranveer: Not at all really, if you have the maturity, if you’re mature enough to not let external things influence your relationship, then I think you’re good.

A few days ago, at the trailer release of Befikre, Ranveer was asked about a holiday he mentioned he had in Paris. The audience assumed it was with Deepika but Ranveer quite ruthlessly replied to that!

Ranveer said, “Sir, you have assumed that I have a girlfriend. I had come many years ago with my girlfriend. I have also had a Parisian girlfriend by the way. A beautiful Moroccan girl.”


With a couple as high-profile as Ranveer and Deepika, nothing passes the eyes of their hordes of followers without scrutiny and currently it doesn’t bode well for either of them Both have been denying any link to another and that’s just devastating! Deepika is the most followed woman in Asia and she has yet to mention latest trailer release of Ranveer’s Befikre. Ranveer did the same for Deepika’s Hollywood debut, xXx. Now, that’s some serious silent treatment going on…

Recently Ranveer was asked if he would pop the question to Deepika in Paris…

Interviewer: Kya aap Paris mein propose karna chahenge Deepika ko?

Ranveer: Ye sawal aap national television pe na karein…

Now, we don’t know what to make of this, should we assume the worst and admit it, that these two have broken up, or is it just a phase?!