Well there is a new restaurant in town with a unique name Deshire, located at  khayaban -e- Bukhari. One of the interesting thing about that restaurant is its uniqueness, its name is unique so is the way their menu is categorized in different ranges according to the five different type of bowls. Each bowl ‘s color represents a total different food range. There are five colors of bowls which  includes Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Gray.

The ambiance of the restaurant is cool and bright. Staff is very friendly and cooperative, they guide customers in selection of food range. Plus the best thing about it is that the price of dishes are quite reasonable not like typical  expensive cafes at Khayaban-e Bukhari. Secondly their service is the best and they serve hot fresh food.

Smokey Wings are their speciality. The sizzling hot wings with fantastic aroma  was mesmerizing. Wings are tangy, hot crispy and spicy with a sweet feel added to them. These wings will definitely give all those who serve wings a  tough competition. Chicken chilli too is good and  they serve it with rice. Their yellow Curry Egg Noodles although bland in taste but good as it is not much spicy and salty but by adding spices and sidelines one can bring to their taste level. Their Kway Teow Beef  with rice noodles are bit too salty because beef itself is saltish so it taste good not over saltish.

Apart from the main course dishes DESHIRE is good in the desserts too as their Japanese Lemon Cheesecake was light in taste and the soft cream melts into the mouth leaving behind an amazing relish. The distinguished quality of  DESHIRE is the mesmerizing  aroma of freshly cooked food. So add DESHIRE in your list of Must visit Cafes as I strongly recommend it. The Food is Unique, Freshly cooked and on top of that it doesn’t make a big dent on your pocket.