Another Double episodes 15 and 16 of one the finest drama serial  Dil Mom Ka Diya  went on aired  yesterday on ARY Digital the story has shown major developments. The story is beautifully written by Saira Raza and best direction  by  Shahid Sahafat. Almost whole cast members has done best of the performances but Yasir Nawaz and Neelum Munir have given incredible performances. These episodes is all about Ulfat’s out of control attitude and how she is on the way of destroying her own life with her own hands. She is blessed with a loving and caring husband and beautiful kids but it is she her selfishness which is making her paradise a hell !

Ulfat  is not familiar with emotions like love, empathy, sympathy  as she has no feelings for her own children. She literally hates her own daughter! Instead of being happy she is getting jealous on her own sister’s engagement ! When Tamkinat clearly shows her mirror by calling her ungrateful, mean and envious person Ulfat backfires her and challenges that she will be sorry for her words as Azhar can change too on which Tamkinat says that she blindly trusts her husband. Ulfat tries to brainwash Azhar by  telling him madeup stories about Tamkinat past and her ex engagement. Azhar as he is a human despite of knowing how vile his bhabi is gets under his influence and over reacts on it and eventually breaks Tamkinat and her own heart.

Well Afzal tries to convince Azhar that her past engagement is nothing to be worried about. Akmal too suggest that it could be Ulfat bhabi’s new tactic moreover Kulsom plays an important role in changing the perception of Azhar and he realizes his own mistake. On top of that Ulfaat’s mother sides with Tamiknat and helps her in resolving the matter. Ulfaat’s mother is a good lady who never supports Ulfat in her wrongdoings. She tells Ulfat that creating misunderstandings between husband and wife is a big sin and it is Satanic quality.

Ulfat is now  exceeding more  and more in her selfishness that she has lost her sense of good or bad, right or wrong and of sinning or God fearing. She aborts her third child secretly without  even discussing it with her husband let alone asking her permission. She does not even tell her mother. It is a huge sin and it seems that Ulfat is now on his way to destory her own life with her own hands. Will Afzal forgives and forget Ulfat this time! ? Do watch the next episodes.