Well another two episodes of Dil Mom Ka Diya are up and the story has taken some real turns and it is now so satisfying to watch Afzaal as a happy person enjoying the real blessings of a married life and Ulfaat tasting her own medicine. The script is beautifully written by Saira Raza and  brilliantly directed by Shahid Shahfat. Ulfaat is now feeling the difference when Tipu is ill treating her, she is shocked when Tipu tells him to abort the child she is expecting. She is further tortured when they are unable to abort the child and Tipu leaves him alone in the house in that condition and went on a honeymoon trip alone.

Ulfaat for the first time start missing his son and in such lunatic state of mind she fell off and lost her child and also the ability of becoming mother again. It seems like Karma is hitting her hard. She used to be extremely thankless and never cared for her motherhood, she ends up loosing her child and she cannot become mother again. Moreover Tipu starts considering her cursed as she brought ill luck to her. Tipu’s shop caught fire and all his business is ruined! He snatches all Ulfat’s money and jewellery to reestablish his business.

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Poor Tamkinat on the other hand is suffering hard, she is abandoned by her husband for four years. Fortunately her sister is back and now she is resolute that she will either do the final patch attempt or will get her divorced. She despite of Tamkinat’s opposition files the divorce notice and moreover she starts sending her pics for Rishta and coincidentally Azhar’s room mate sees Tamkinat on a wedding and wants to marry her. There Azhar see Tamkinat’s pic on his laptop and he realizes what he has done to her poor wife he returns back but was surprised with divorce notice. It seems that Tamikant’s sufferings are about to end.

Tipu fell seriously ill he is diagnosed with cancer and his health condition is deteriorating day by day. Ulfat is now in worst condition as they have run out of money too. Tipu comes up with a stupid suggestion that what if she will bring her son Asad here so he will help him to work in Paan shop and earning the money, Ulfat is just terrified at the thought of it. She thanked God that Asad is with his father who is treating him very well. Ulfat is appalled when one day she tells his husband that she has left with nothing to sell and that she cannot sell herself, her husband demands her to sell herself as he badly needs help!